General information


Registration for the event can be made by sending an e-mail to or

If you want to attend the Magic the Gathering event you can register by sending a email to

Note that you need to be 16 years of age (born 2002 or earlier) in order to participate in this event.

Upon registration please make sure to write if you want to participate in the 9 Age, 40k, Warmahordes, X-Wing, Blood Bowl or the Team Yankee tournament.

There are 40 spaces in the 40k, 30 in the 9 Age tournament, 30 in the WarmaHordes tournament, 20 in the Team Yankee tournament, 20 in the Blood Bowl tournament and 20 in the X-wing tournament.

If all spaces have been taken before you got to register, then you can be put on a waiting list in case someone decides not to show.

Prizes for Blood Bowl and Best Painted is sponsored by TabletopBattle!

Prizes for the  40k tournaments are sponsored by Gamezone!

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Invasion is now a ITC event, for more info about the ITC click the link below

Click here for more information about the ITC circuit



The entry fee is 350 NOK if you pay before the event. If you pay in the door the price is 400 NOK. The fee includes entry to one of the tournaments and accommodation. You may pay in the door as you register for the event, or pay using your nettbank and put the money into the tournaments account. If you are attending a miniature tournament (40k, 9 age, Blood Bowl, X-wing, Team Yankee or Warmahordes) you pay to the following account: 2801.37.76832.

If you are going to play Magic the Gahtering you pay to the following account: 3126.30.42673. Be sure to mark the payment with name and DCI-number and witch day(s) you are attending. If you want to attend both tournaments during the weekend and you pay before the event you pay 400 NOK to the mentioned account. If you only want to attend 1 tournament you pay 250 NOK for 1 day. If you pay in the door the entrance fee is 450 NOK. The fee will cover entrance to the tournaments and a place in a classroom where you can sleep.

If you pay using the nettbank, you must mark the payment with your full name and after you have payed, send a mail to so that we may register your payment on the site.


Location and accomodation

The event will be held on either the 7th – 10th or the 15th – 17th of September 2018 at Grim skole, Kristiansand.

If you have any questions once you arrive in Kristiansand, like I cant find out where to go, help! Then you can call for help on this number 97 99 42 14

Hotels in Kristiansand

If you don’t want to sleep in the school where Invasion is going to be held, then you might want to check some of the hotels listed on the page below.

Press here for site

Nice to know

There will be a kiosk at the event with some food and soft drinks that you can buy, but we wont have any snacks. If you need more than we have or something different, then there is a Super Market just across the street to where the event is taking place.

We will be renting 8 classrooms at the school where the event is beeing held. So if you and your friends want a room on your own, we whould be able to arrange that.

Overall schedule

Timetable for the event
Friday 19:00 – Friendly gaming

Saturday 08:30 Doors open for registration
Saturday 09:15 Generell Info
Saturday 09:30 First round start
Saturday 12:30 Lunch and Best painted model(s) and units
Saturday 13:15 Second round starts
Saturday 16:15 Break
Saturday 16:45 Third round starts
Saturday 19:45 Social time
Saturday 20:15 We go to Out

Sunday 09:15 Fourth round starts
Sunday 12:15 Best painted armies (break)
Sunday 13:00 Fifth round starts
Sunday 16:00 Tournament ends
Sunday 16:01 Award ceremony as soon as results are in

X-wing and Warmahordes will be following their own timetable, but all tournaments will end at 16.00 on sunday and all will try to align their schedule so that all can vote in the best painted competitions.



The forum for the Tournament can be found on this link (the forum is in Norwegian) —-> Press here for site


1. Place in a tournaments will receive a battalion box (or miniatures worth the value of a battalion box) for placing first in the tournament
2. Place in a tournaments will receive a ”monster” box (or miniatures worth the value of a ”monster” box) each for placing second in the tournament
3. Place in a tournaments will receive a regiments box (or miniatures worth the value of a regiments box) each for placing third in the tournament

There will also be awards for best painted army in each tournament.

List of participants

Can be found on our forum (see above).