General information

Next years Invasion will be held on the 11-13 of September 2020 at Scandic Hotell in Sørlandsparken Kristiansand.

The confirmed gaming systems that will be hosted at this years Invasion so far is

  • A 9th Age Team Tournament (36 spots)
  • 40k Championship Tournament (60 spots for both 40k tournaments)
  • 40k Renaissance Tournament
  • Age of Sigmar Tournament (16 spots)
  • Blood Bowl Tournament (16 spots)


There will be prizes for the 1-3 place in all tournaments, best painted armies in all tournaments, in addition there will be prices to best painted single model, best painted medium model, best painted large/monter model and best painted unit.

Buffet and Saturday evening/night

After the last game on saturday we are planning on having a buffet at the hotel. This will be around 20.00-20.30. It will cost 295 NOK for those who wish to participate.

We are planning on having a Quiz after the bufet in the bar area and we are going to bring boardgames so people can play and talk warhammer as long as they want.

Changes from last year to this year’s Invasion

  • Since the event is beeing held at Scandic there wont be a kiosk at the event this year either, but there will still be cake and we are working on a lunsh option
  • Since the event is beeing held at Scandic we will have access to the hotel bar and other hotell facilities. We are working on getting the bar to open sooner on saturday and sunday.

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