General information

This years Invasion will be held on the 14-15 of September 2019 at Scandic Hotell in Sørlandsparken Kristiansand.

The confirmed gaming systems that will be hosted at this years Invasion so far is

  • A 9th Age Team Tournament
  • 40k Championship Tournament
  • 40k Renaissance Tournament
  • Bolt Action Tournament
  • Blood Bowl Tournament

We are working on getting a Age of Sigmar tournament to the event as well.


There will be prizes for the 1-3 place in all tournaments, best painted armies in all tournaments, in addition there will be prices to best painted single model, best painted medium model, best painted large/monter model and best painted unit.

Changes from last year to this year’s Invasion

  • Since the event is beeing held at Scandic there wont be a kiosk at the event, but there will still be cake.
  • Since the event is beeing held at Scandic we will have access to the hotel bar and other hotell facilities.
  • There is not enough room to have a bitz barn unfortunatly but we are still going to have shops

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