General information

Next years Invasion will be held on the 11-13 of September 2020 at Scandic Hotell in Sørlandsparken Kristiansand.

The confirmed gaming systems that will be hosted at this years Invasion so far is

  • A 9th Age Team Tournament (42 spots)
  • 40k Tournament (62 spots)
  • Age of Sigmar Tournament (26 spots)
  • Star Wars Legion (16 spots)
  • FOW (6 spots)


There will be prizes for all tournaments at Invasion. The winner of each tournament, the runner up and third place will all get prizes. In addition to the prizes in each tournament, there will be prices to best painted single model, best painted medium model, best painted large/monster model, best painted unit and best-painted army in each game system.

Buffet and Saturday evening/night

After the last game on saturday we are planning on having a buffet at the hotel. This will be around 20.00-20.30. It will cost 295 NOK for those who wish to participate.

We are planning on having a Quiz after the bufet in the bar area and we are going to bring boardgames so people can play and talk warhammer as long as they want.

Bar and Hotell facilities

We are working on getting the Bar at the hotel to open earlier than its regular opening hours (18.00), we are hoping to get it to open at 12.00, but the exact time will be decided closer to the event but the Hotel say as long as people want to buy earlier they will accommodate us.

We are going to be playing in the same conference hall as last year, but we also have quite a big back room out by the bar area that we can use if a lot of people want to attend. This also gives us more space to play if we need it.

Invasion on Facebook

Invasion has its own Facebook group where you can talk to fellow gamers and where the organizers post updates and where changes are announced. If you are not a member, please feel free to join the group to get all the latest updates for Invasion

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