Blood Bowl

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What to bring
As a bare minimum, you need to bring:
1. Your Blood Bowl team
2. Your dice
3. Two printed copies of your roster,

All models must be clearly recognizable to your opponent and painted
All skills must be clearly noted on your team roster before the tournament starts and all positions and all skills must be written in English to avoid language confusion.
The organizers will provide as many pitches as we can, if more are needed we beg some of you to bring a pitch or two.

The rules
Border Ball is played with the Competition Rules Pack (CRP), provided by the NAF. They include rules for the three extra teams Slann, Underworld and Chaos Pact.
The current CRP can be downloaded at…/…/2017/05/NAF-Rules-Update-v1-3.pdf
We play according to the resurrection style of play. All coaches start each game with the same roster and all skills they registered before the tournament. There are no permanent deaths, and no Star Player Points will be awarded during the tournaments.
Illegal procedures will not be called throughout the tournament.

Team building
Each coach build their team with a treasury consisting of 1,100,000 gold crowns.
Note that this is 100k more than you normally get when making your team in Blood Bowl.

Inducements are only available to tier 3 teams, with the following restrictions:
All tier 3 teams can buy 0-2 Star Players, but must have at least 11 regular players before doing so.
Goblins may buy 0-3 bribes
Halflings may buy 0-1 master chef

Starting skills
All skills will be chosen before the tournament and will stay the same for all matches throughout the tournament. See the tier chart below for information on how many and which type of skills your selected team can choose. These skills are free.

Additional skills
If you are coaching a tier 2 or tier 3 team, you get some extra gold. You may use some or all of this extra gold to buy even more skills.
Skills purchased in this way are priced as follows:
Normal skill: 20k
Double skill: 30k
Unused cash is added to the team treasury and can be spent building the team as normal.
You may not add more than one skill to a single player.
Stat upgrades are not allowed.

Tier 1
Tier 1 teams are the best of the best. They get 6 normal skills.
Wood Elf
Chaos Dwarf
Dark Elf

Tier 2
Tier 2 teams can be pretty good, but fail to perform as well as the tier 1 teams.
6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 20k extra cash may be able to fix this.
Chaos Pact
High Elf

Tier 3
Tier 3 teams are hard to play, and are simply not as good as the others. They get 6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 50K extra cash to help bridge this gap, but it will still be an uphill climb.

Keeping up with time
You will have 135 min timeframe to complete the match, if we see the game will not be completed withinn the time frame, we will set up a chess clock with a 2 min turn limit when 20 mins remain
Draw and Scoring
Draw for Round 1 will be random. Draw for subsequent rounds will use the so-called “swiss” system, where opponents with equal amounts of tournament points will be paired against each other.
Tournament Scoring
Tournament points will be awarded like this
3 points for a win
1 points for a draw
0 points for a loss
Toughness of schedule will be used in the event of a tiebreaker situation followed by Touchdown differential, followed by casualties inflicted.
Trophies/prizes will be awarded:
Border Ball winner
Runner Up
3rd Place