Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl at Invasion 2018

• All players must bring 2 copies of their rosters as well as dice and miniatures.
• The team must be painted.
• All miniatures must represent their positions accurately.
• Pitches will be available at the event.

• We use the official Games Workshop Blood Bowl 2016 rules with adjustments specified by the NAF tournament rules. This includes all the existing teams with the addition of Slann, Khorne and Bretonnia.
• This is a ressurection tournament meaning that all teams are static and no changes are applied between games (no lasting injuries, no Star Player Points, no income etc).
• Illegal procedures will not be used.
• There will not be any time limit per turn. If a game is progressing slowely and there is only 1 hour remaining, an organizer may give a chess clock to players to share the remaining time. In addition, players may ask to use a chess clock at any time.
• For the purpose of fair play, any player can require to use their opponent’s dice during a game.
• As an unique flavor for this tournament, we will replace the normal Kick-off table with the Blitzmania Kick-off table in game 3.

The opponents will be random for the first game. The following rounds will use swiss system using toughness of schedule, touchdowns and casualties as tie breakers.

Tournament points
Win: 5
Draw: 2
Loss: 0

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and best painted team.


Each coach can spend 1100k on their team. No skills or stats may be purchased with this cash. Additional free skills will be given to each team, however each player can only be given a single additional skill. Star Players may not be modified in any way.

Tier 1 (the best teams) – Receive 6 normal skills
Amazon, Bretonnian, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardmen, Skaven, Orcs, Norse, Undead and Wood Elf.

Tier 2 (decent teams) – Receive 7 normal skills and 1 double skill.
Chaos, Chaos Pact, Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Khorne, Slann, Underworld and Vampire.

Tier 3 (challenging teams) – Receive 6 normal skills and 2 double skills.
Goblin, Halfling and Ogre

Inducements are not available with the following exceptions:
Goblins can buy 0-3 bribes.
Halflings can buy 0-1 master chef.
Tier 3 teams can hire Star Players.