This year the event will be held at hotel Scandic Sørlandet.

Nice to know about the Hotell

The hotel is located in Sørlandsparken in Kristiansand with Dyreparken and Sørlandssenteret as its closest neighbour. So if you want to bring your family along for invasion then they can go to Dyreparken or shop at Sørlandssenteret while you play the entire weekend.

There are the normal hotel facilities at Scandic, bar (with cofee, drinks and some food), lounge, restaurant, and there is even an outdoor swimming pool. We dont know If this is open during Invasion yeat unfortunately.

Playing area

Invasion will be held in the hotels conference hall witch will house the entire event. There will also be shops (hopefully), who will be in the coneference hall or right outside.

The hotel bar and lounge is located right outside the conference hall so you don’t have to walk far to get a drink or find a quiete place to relax.