The tickets for next year’s invasion has not been set yeat, but we are working on a lunch option on saturday and coffe during the event so the cost will most likley be around 550 NOK.

The ticket will give you entry into one of the tournaments being held at Invasion and possibly a lunsh and coffe but we are still working on that.

Only the people who have bought a ticket before the event are guaranteed a spot at Invasion. Until you have bought a ticket you will be listed under the “interested in the tournament” list for the chosen tournament you want to attend.

Tickets bought and canceled before the 16 of August will be refunded entirely. Tickets bought after this date is not refunded. This is due to Invasion having to cover the cost of any people not attending and the last date we have to notify the hotel is on the 17 of august.

If all tickets have been sold before you got to buy your own ticket, then you can be put on a waiting list in case someone decides not to show.

*Reserved spot for link to buy tickets*

If you want to buy your ticket right away you can send (Price will be inserted at a later stage) NOK to the account 2801 45 16664, or Vipps *** NOK to 571111. Afterwards send a e-mail to  with a notification that you have paid, and how (Vipps or transfer) and we will put you up in the paid list


Registration for the event can be made by sending an e-mail to or

Note that you need to be 16 years of age (born 2004 or earlier) in order to participate in this event.

Upon registration please make sure to write if you want to participate in the 9 Age Team Tournament, 40k Championship Tournament, 40k Renaissance Tournament, Blood Bowl or Age of Sigmar Tournament.

There are 60 spots combined for the two 40k tournaments, 36 spots in the 9 Age tournament, 16 spots in the Blood Bowl tournament and 20 spots in the Age of Sigmar tournament.

Cheaper Hotel

If you are planning on staying at Scandic Sørlandet during the event, you can use the Promocode

(Promocode for 2020 will be inserted here when we have one)

This code will give you a 15 % discount on the FLEX price on the hotels rooms. The hotel have 2 offers on their rooms, one which is the SAVE price, which is cheaper, and the other is the FLEX price. If you order a room through the FLEX price you dont pay for the room until arrival, you can cancel and change the booking anytime you want without any fees upp until the minute you arrive.