Link to the list of players already signed up (2019)


The 40k tournament at Invasion this year is divided in two, one is called 40k Championship and the other is caller 40k Renaissance.

40k Championship

  • 2000 point games
  • Chessclocks used in all the matches with 1,5 h for each player
  • Using Invasion’s mission pack
  • The winner of the tournament is decided based on tournament points (3/1/0) with battlepoints as tiebreaker.

40k Renaissance

  • 2000 point games
  • 3 h each game but NO chessclocks
  • Army lists have to be approved by the organizer before the event if you can field them or not. A soup list with all the bling wont be approved, a hard but themed list might be aproved and so on. There are no set guidelines as to what kind of army is approved or not, if you have any questions on this matter you can send them to
  • Using the same Invasion mission pack as the 40k championship tournament
  • The overall winner of the tournament will be based on tournament points, painting scores and army theme points. Battlepoints with be tiebreaker.

We are going to be using the Best Coast pairing App at this years Invasion, so armylists will be sent and published through the App.