The tickets for this year’s Invasion costs 695 NO and goes on sale the 15 of March. The ticket gives you entry into on of the tournaments and will include a Taco buffet on Saturday as well as a Pasta Bolognese lunch on Sunday. If people have any special food preferances please let us know at least 2 weeks before the event so that we can try to accomodate your requests. We will still have a coffe deal at the new location, and if you pay 50 NOK at the event you will be able to drink as much coffe as you like during the Invasion.

Only the people who have bought a ticket before the event are guaranteed a spot at Invasion. Until you have bought a ticket you are not registered for the event, but you can be listed under the “interested in the tournament” list for the chosen tournament you want to attend.

Tickets bought and canceled before the 25 of August 2024 (23.59) will be refunded entirely. Tickets canceled or bought after this date is not refunded. This is due to Invasion having to cover the cost of any people not attending and the last date that Invasion don’t get a refund is on the 25 of August.

If all tickets have been sold before you got to buy your own ticket, then you can be put on a waiting list in case someone decides not to show. Send a email to or to be put on the waiting list. If we do not reply within a couple of days please contact us on facebook. We answer all emails, so if you dont get a answer we might not have gotten your request.

If you want to buy a ticket this can be done in 1 of 2 ways. You can either log on to Vipps and search for Invasion (Vipps number 594538). You then send 695 NOK to that Vipps account, BUT, remember to mark the money with the gaming system you are paying a ticket for (40k, AOS, 9th Age, Legion, Blood Bowl, The Old World or Mordheim) If you are paying the ticket for someone else, then mark the payment with a name as well as a gaming system.

Or you can send 695 NOK to the account 2801 45 16664. Afterwards send a e-mail to or  with a notification that you have paid, remember the gaming system, and we will put you up in the paid list at your chosen tournament.

Participants from outside of Norway: If you do not live in Norway but want to go to Invasion, send a email to saying witch game system you want to participate in and we will figure out how to do the payment thru mail. The easiest way is using PayPal.

Cheaper Hotel

If you are planning on attending Invasion we recommend that you stay at Scandic Sørlandet during the event where we have arranged cheaper rooms for anyone attending. To book a room send a email to or and state how many nights you want and what kind of room (Single, Double, 3 or 4 man rooms) you want. If you are sharing a room we need to know the names of person/people you are staying with. You pay for your rooms when you arraive at the hotel. You do not pay anything before the event. The rooms can be canceled at any time but we need to be informed of your cancelation throu email

The price of the rooms are as followes

  • Singles room 990 NOK per night, including breakfast,
  • Doubles room 1190 NOK per night, including breakfast
  • Trippel room, 1470 NOK per night, including breakfast
  • Four mans room 1680 NOK per night including breadfast.

These prizes can only be guarenteed if you book a rom before the 6 of September . After the 6 of September the prizes cant be guaranteed and the cost for rooms may be higher. This is due to us having to send a list with booked rooms to the hotel on this date at the latest.

Please note that we can only guarantee the price for the rooms we have already prebooked for the event and its participants (this is 110 rooms) if we run out of rooms before you get to book one, then you can be put on a waiting list and we will inform you if a room becomes available. You can of course book a room thru the hotels own webpage, but we cant guarantee the price.